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Crochet Griddle Stitch (cobble stitch) Directions | Sakeenah 0

How to Do the Crochet Griddle Stitch (Cobble Stitch)

The Griddle stitch, or Cobble stitch, looks like a complicated stitch, but it’s actually pretty simple. To crochet the griddle stitch, you just alternate between sc and dc, single crocheting into the double crochet stitch and double crocheting into the single crochet stitch of the previous rows. It creates a nice tight and textured look. In wearables that call for rows of all hdc, you can substitute the griddle stitch and avoid the looks of stripes in your work.

Weaving in Ends | 0

Weaving in Ends

  Weaving in ends, trying to finish up a chevron baby blanket. Lost my metal yarn needles, and plastic is just not where it’s at. Bendy, flimsy, splits the yarn. Gotta run to the store!

Find Good Deals on Yarn at Tuesday Morning - Sakeenah 0

Check the Store Tuesday Morning for Yarn Deals

I keep hearing about the store Tuesday Morning as a good place to find deals on craft items like yarn and sewing notions. I finally got the chance to head on in there. It has a Marshall’s feel to it. It seems like an overstock seller with lots of different offerings. I was with my 4 year old who started asking for everything in the store, so I made a quick beeline for the crafts. There was a small section of yarn. They had some hanks of hand-dyed Andes wool for around $8. They were very nice looking, but I...

Chevron Baby Blanket WIP - Sakeenah 0

Chevron Baby Blanket with a Straight Edge – progress

Happy Friday! I am rushing to try and finish a baby blanket before an overdue little one arrives, God willing. I knew I wanted to try a chevron pattern. I picked one that was too complicated for me at first. I have frogged it about 10 times now, so I’m moving onto this crochet pattern for a Chevron Baby Blanket with a Straight Edge from Eat, Knit & DIY. I am loving this pattern and it’s moving on along quickly. After several rows, it has become mindless without needed to check by counting. I love this as it frees me...

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Six Stripes King Size Crochet Afghan – Finally Done!

I haven’t been posting much because I took me forever to finish this afghan! I was half way there in February when it was nice and freezing. Well hooray! I can finally celebrate the end of this project. To make this king sized afghan, I used an L hook and just chained until it was the width I wanted. I used 4 skeins of Knit Pick’s Brava worsted in each color from their neutrals sampler. I used an L hook. The stitches are all half double crochet into the back loops. I used the foundation turning stitch to get straight...

Crochet for Chairty: Start a Stash Just for Giving 2

Crochet For Charity: Start a Stash Just for Giving

Spring is finally here in my part of the world, and of course that means the urge to do spring cleaning and get organized. If you’re anything like me, trying to get a handle of organizing crochet might be a bit intimidating. There are UFOs (UnFinised Objects) flying all over the place, lots of yarn in random bins and a big looong Ravelry queue. I started to set up a system where I would work on one UFO followed by a new project and keep rotating until I was caught up.  But this didn’t incorporate crocheting for charity. I now...