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Color Inspiration 2

I won a drop spindle from Aaron Makes Stuff!

Joining Instagram had been so much fun. The networking possibilities seem endless and you get to spend all day looking at the creative work of so many makers from all fields. And then there are the giveaways. Giveaways abound and they are always really enticing, like the one I entered for a custom designed drop spindle. Does it get better than that? Annnnd I won using this picture as my color inspiration! I can’t believe I won a giveaway, and such a sweet one too! Can’t wait to receive my custom designed drop spindle from Aaron Makes Stuff! Please go...

Refreshing Throw Crocheted by Sakeenah 3

WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw – Almost Done!

The point on this WIP Wednesday is twofold. First, to exclaim from the mountain tops that after weaving in the ends I am DONE with the Refreshing Throw! And second, to show the world the amazing basket I scored at Goodwill!! At 24″ in diameter, it’s a beauty. I have been patiently stalking my local Goodwill for just the right basket, and I think it paid off. I didn’t anticipate how long this blanket was going to take. Each motif took 30 minutes, and there are 36 squares. Then the arranging, joining and border. It clocks in around 23 hours....

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares | Sakeenah 3

Single Crochet Join for Granny Squares

Still working on the Refreshing Throw. I’ve been debating back and forth over which way to join granny squares would be best, and finally decided I like the pop of using single crochet to join granny squares. It is a visible join, so it won’t work for all projects. It’s really simple: Arrange your squares With the wrong sides facing each other You single crochet through the outer loops: the one closest to you on the first square and the one furthest away from you on the second square. Join all the rows horizontally, then go back and crochet them...

Over 50 Websites to Get Free Crochet Patterns | 10

Over 50 Websites to Get Free Crochet Patterns

  Does it get any better than free crochet patterns from amazing designers? Here you will find a growing list of websites that offer free and original crochet patterns. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know any sites you’d like to add. It took a while to curate all these links, make sure they weren’t dumps of other sites, verify the links and keep it up to date. Please be respectful and do not copy this post. If you’d like to share this list, please share a link to this page. Looking for Knitting patterns? click...

Refreshing Throw WIP | 9

WIP Wednesday: Refreshing Throw

Current work in progress: Refreshing Throw as a baby blanket. I’m using Stylecraft Special DK, which I’m loving. All the squares are done now. I have a few squares UFOs hanging around, I kind of stall on the joining part. So I’m off to find a favorite method to join the squares and get moving on that. What’s projects are you working on this week?

Crochet Pattern Calendar 2015 Sale 6

2015 Crochet Pattern Calendar and Knitting Pattern Calendar Sales

I’ve always wanted to get one of these crochet pattern desk calendars, especially after realizing a lot of the patterns I bought from auction sites came from these calendars. I’ve found them online and wanted to share with you. ¬†Check here for sales and special promotions¬† for these crochet and knitting calendars for 2015. Current deals, Copy the code and apply during checkout: Take $10 off your order of $40 or more with code JAN10 at checkout! If code is outdated, click through the link. The current deal will pop up.   2015 Crochet Pattern-a-Day Calendar on ¬†Knitting Pattern...

First Impression of Berroco Comfort Yarn - Review | Sakeenah 9

A First Impression of Berroco Comfort Yarn – Review

  Berroco Comfort is my first foray into the world of the LYS (local yarn shop). I wanted to try out this yarn and found that a close by yarn shop carried it, so away we went. I have since figured out there are a few places to order Berroco Comfort yarn online, but I do like being able to stop in and see the colors for myself. After making a few blankets with it, I’m sharing my review. Here I am reviewing the worsted weight of Berroco comfort. What you get: Berroco Comfort is 50% nylon and 50% acrylic....


A Couple of Crochet Chevron Baby Blankets

Whew! My hands need a break! I’ve been in single crochet land for a while finishing up 2 chevron baby blankets as gifts. As usual, when I try something new in crochet, I end up getting schooled a bit and I end up thinking how I will do things differently next time. I crocheted the blue, gray and white chevron blankets with Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend, which I liked working with. These blankets took a long time, so when working with gift deadlines, planning ample time is key. I didn’t do that! Rushing is not fun. The pattern...

Crochet Griddle Stitch (cobble stitch) Directions | Sakeenah 3

How to Do the Crochet Griddle Stitch

The Griddle stitch, or Cobble stitch, looks like a complicated stitch, but it’s actually pretty simple. To crochet the griddle stitch, you just alternate between sc and dc, single crocheting into the double crochet stitch and double crocheting into the single crochet stitch of the previous rows. It creates a nice tight and textured look. In wearables that call for rows of all hdc, you can substitute the griddle stitch and avoid the looks of stripes in your work.

Weaving in Ends | 0

Weaving in Ends

  Weaving in ends, trying to finish up a chevron baby blanket. Lost my metal yarn needles, and plastic is just not where it’s at. Bendy, flimsy, splits the yarn. Gotta run to the store!