The Magic Knot or Double Knot- The New Way to Join Yarn

Well, it’s new to me. I recently came across this video explaining the “magic knot”, which is a double knot used to join yarn. Till now, the Russian join has been my go-to technique, but I don’t like the added bulk. With the magic knot technique there are no tails left to weave in, the knot is not visible and there is no added bulk.

I’ve been dreaming of making a scrapghan but have been scared away from the idea thinking about all those ends to weave in. Happy to have a way to make it faster and easier.

“This video tutorial will show you how to join a new ball of yarn to your knitting or crochet by making an invisible knot. This knot is very strong and leaves no ends to weave in.” Video by Jane Richmond.

What projects do you use the magic knot for?


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3 Responses

  1. MuslimahTresses says:

    I am so interested in knitting now. This video was had me rewinding it a few times to be sure I could follow the steps. Now I’ll have to buy some knitting tools. Thanks!

  2. nicola says:

    BRILLIANT! My mother taught me to weave in the ends and I’ve been doing it all my (long) knitting life. It’s the part I hate the most about finishing my pieces. I just tried your method on a couple of pieces of yarn and it was super strong – didn’t come apart when snipped. Never again to weave! Thank you.

  1. January 15, 2016

    […] try this! Β Here is another video [perhaps my […]

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