Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer

Internet jokes abound about yarn shopping/hoarding addictions.

No doubt you’ve seen this:

I'm just a yarn addict on the road to revcovery...Just Kidding! I'm on the reoad headed to Jo-Ann's! Yarn Addict - Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer

I laughed, you laughed and then probably we all headed over to Joann’s website to look for sales.

Reviving crochet in my life has changed my habits of consumption. Prior to becoming a yarn addict, I tried hard to avoid buying anything new, joining The Compact for a year and striving to curb my use of plastic – thanks for the inspiration, Beth Terry.

Then just like that,  I found myself gleefully in the checkout line of big box craft stores with pounds of acrylic in my arms.

Crochet Robber Cartoon - Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer -

China, Turkey, wherever the yarn is made and whatever the worker was paid didn’t matter because I’m going to make something myself. Doesn’t that offset it?

But it turns out it does matter. Where did that yarn come from? Are the little pieces of plastic shredding off my acrylic hoard hurting people and wildlife? What if I’m contributing to cancer by crocheting caps for chemo patients due to the chemicals used to treat and dye the yarn?

Sorry, Debbie Downer I know, but I never answered these questions despite them being in the back of my mind always. I’d rather just sick my fingers in my ears and wait for the next flash sale.

"I won't buy any more yarn until I use up all the yarn I have at home...Then I laughed and laughed. Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer -

So what’s the answer? I hope to find out. For now, I’m going to try and resist temptation and use up what I have here (said no one ever). Maybe I will finally start making t-shirt yarn, exploring the world of upcycling thrift store sweaters and supporting small companies that hand spin and dye natural fibers.

Is that the way to go? Could I really do it? I think I am caving already!

Can you really become a green crocheter or knitter? Maybe I just need to get one of these guys as a pet.

Angora Rabbit - Thoughts on Becoming a Yarn Consumer -

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments section.



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